We would like to welcome our former students (alumni) and friends, including staff and former staff, as well as individuals and organisations with an interest in the institution, to the university community.

As alumni and friends, you are fundamental to the continued success of the university and your involvement and support, whether practical, advisory or financial makes a real difference to the experience of our present and future students, so thank you.

If you have graduated from University of Sri Jayewardenepura as a Graduate or Post-graduate, then you are now part of the Jayewardenepura Alumni family and part of the larger Jayewardenepura Univesrity Community!

We value the relationship with our alumni and would like to continuously add value to this ongoing relationship. We encourage you to stay connected with us.

We have designed a host of services and privileges for our alumni and we hope that you will enjoy utilising the services available specially for you.