Chandrarathne Pallegama

Chandrarathne Pallegama

Chandrarathne Pallegama

Director General – Civil Security Department of Sri Lanka

Primary Education:

Girithalegama Maha Vidyalaya

Royal College, Polonnaruwa

Period of University Education – from 1980 to 1984

Degree Programme followed – BSc in Business Administration

Date appointed to serve the country in an Administrative capacity – 1995 after securing the first place at the examination held for Sri Lanka Administrative Services

Positions held:

 Secretary – Commission for National Education (December, 2012)

 Commissioner General of Prisons (July, 2012)

 Additional Secretary – Ministry of Irrigation & Water Resources Management

 Divisional Secretariat for Maharagama, Sri Jayewardenepura and Kotte

 Assistant election Commissioner – Department of Elections